My Trip To Orlando for the Prudential Real Estate Convention

Last week I went to Orlando, Florida for the Prudential Real Estate Sales Convention. While there is a convention every year, this one was my first, and I am so happy I went! I registered Sunday and then went out with co-workers from the office for a nice dinner at Roy’s (Hawaiian fusion). (Sadly, the… Continue Reading

South Austin:78704 Condo Projects to Check Out

I am super happy to report that my 2012 is off to a fantastic start. I feel like I am not the only one busy either, every time I turn around a condo project has another unit under contract, a beautiful central Austin bungalow goes under contract after only one day on the market or… Continue Reading


Well, facebook has officially taken over the World…and our time. Crazy. While I usually try to blog about the Austin Real Estate market, home prices, new projects, properties I have viewed recently and all that jazz. I decided to write one of my pure observations of Facebook World. A good amount of my “free” time,… Continue Reading

How to buy your first home: A Breakdown of the Process of becoming a Home Owner

Even though these steps are already listed on another tab on my website, I thought it couldn’t hurt to also blog about the steps since I seem to be working with so many buyers right now, which is great because it is only January, interest rates are still low and Austin is still doing great!… Continue Reading

Looking forward to 2012: Goals, Speculations and non-Resolutions

With the holidays ending in hopefully merriment, cheer, full bellies and celebrations; the end of the year  also brings the thoughts of what is in store for 2012. I know, personally, I am constantly looking forward to “the next thing in life.” I do try to appreciate everything I have now, and enjoy “the now,”… Continue Reading

Austin’s Economic Forecast 2012

I am no economist, however if you know me at all, you know I carry a spiral with me just about everywhere (I know it’s no iPad) and inside that trusty spiral are some notes. I take notes when on the phone, when I randomly think of something while driving (I mean while stopped at… Continue Reading

1101 Shoal Creek: Terrace on Shoal Creek Bonus to November lookers!

Terrace on Shoal Creek are the newly remodeled from apartments to condo projects I wrote about recently (seek below a few posts). The good news is they are moving right along and selling, we have a few units listed in the MLS, not all because they are not all finished. Due to most of them… Continue Reading

Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival: Summed Up

A long time ago I made a goal about blogging once a week. To be honest, it is kind of impossible. I usually have something going on and think to myself-I will blog about that, but time passes by so fast and before I know it, I feel like my topic becomes old news. Well,… Continue Reading

30…errr 25 Days without Alcohol: A Social Austinite’s Experiment

Not too long ago I decided to give up drinking for 30 days. It was the Monday after ACL weekend to be exact. While a lot of my friends and fellow drinking partners questioned why I was doing such an absurd thing, some of them thought it was great. This is a bottle of wine… Continue Reading

New DT Project Underway: Terrace at Shoal Creek {1101 Shoal Creek}

If you are on facebook ever, and if you happen to be a fan of my facebook page then you have probably seen many of the before pictures for this new town home community I have posted. Terrace at Shoal Creek were originally House Park Apt. but the developer (who has successfully developed many other… Continue Reading