DISCLOSURE: Listing a Home after you have seen an Inspection Report

Here is the best way to go about listing a home, when you have been shown (the first) buyer’s full inspection report. I had an event happen recently that has inspired this little blog on DISCLOSURE. I am already an honest person, at times I say to a fault, but when it comes to housing,… Continue Reading

Austin Texas: A Seller’s Market in 2013: What does it mean for buyers?

Last year as predominantly a buyer’s agent I had time for my clients to gather 3-6 homes they wanted to view for our appointment a few days in advanced. We’d go out, take a look, decide what offer to make on which property. I was able to negotiate for them, get seller’s to pay closing… Continue Reading

Ashley Takes on Europe 2012: ROME

STOP #5: Rome, Italy Germany had been wonderful, Megan was now my travel partner in crime and though she had already been to Rome once before, her love of art and history had me excited for Rome. The phrase “You can’t do Rome in a day” was definitely true. Can I just add we thought… Continue Reading

CrossFit “The Cult” (that others seem to hate on)

This past weekend I competed in my first CrossFit competition, which is why I felt compelled to write this blog on CrossFit and my spin on it….(ok and to vent a little). CrossFit is one of the fastest growing ¬†fitness movements in the Nation. More people are now becoming aware of what CrossFit is all… Continue Reading

Ashley Takes on Europe: MUNICH

STOP #4: Munich I took a bus, yes a bus (by now I felt like I was in the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles) from Prague bright and early to Munich. I was told to take the early one because the later one is filled with partiers headed to Oktoberfest. The drive and country side… Continue Reading

My First Wedding Shoot: Caswell House, Austin Tx

{December 1, 2012: Heidi and Brian’s Wedding at the Caswell House, Austin Photography} About two years ago I met some girls that had contacted me about a house they wanted to lease. I met them and liked them instantly. They were spunky and honest and forward on what they liked, yet really different and all… Continue Reading

Pease Place: A Green Condo Project close to DT, Austin Tx

While I have had fun bloggin’ about my Euro-trip I interrupt mid-trip to bring you work related items. You know what’s funny, I think of topics on a daily basis. But the time it takes to type, upload photos (and edit them to be appealing etc) is so exhaustively time consuming. BUT I digress. This… Continue Reading

Ashley Takes on Europe 2012: PRAGUE

STOP #3: PRAGUE So if you just finished up reading about Berlin you learned I left around 4 and arrived in Prague pretty late. You also learned that feelings of strep were creeping upon me and I was getting sick. I have never slept so hard (well, on a train) in my life. Also haven’t… Continue Reading

Ashley Takes on Europe 2012: BERLIN

STOP #2: Berlin A little joke to get started off on Germany… I left Amsterdam by train pretty early in the morning and off to Germany I went! The train was nice actually, I am pretty sure it promised me wifi, but that definitely was not the case, so luckily I had downloaded a lot… Continue Reading

Ashley takes on Europe 2012: AMSTERDAM

Well, many of you have asked how my trip was, I covered a lot of ground, was gone for three weeks and frankly it felt good to get back in the swing of things. Some of you thought I’d never return, but alas, here I am and here are my tails from Europe, what I… Continue Reading