One thing I always look forward to

Ever seen an angy man rip his shirt off, throw it down and leave a gymnasium after a bad call in social dodgeball playoff event? I have.

Ever play kickball with a 13” red ball while drinking Miller LIght against a team called Schweddy Balls or Abusement Park? I have.

Austin SSC has no lack for original team names or competitiveness that is for sure.

One thing I look forward to once a week (since 2006) is playing sports. Austin Sports and Social Club is a league that started small and has grown quite popular (70 teams on one night in one division!) and I thought I would have to inform you about it. has various sports tailored to all those (21 and up) who enjoy having a good time (aka everyone). From kickball, flag football, softball, dodgeball, even bowling, Wii tournaments and party barges on Holiday weekends, the fun never ends!

Just moving to Austin? Don’t know anyone? Austin SSC was perfect when I first moved back to Austin. I wanted to meet others and love playing sports. I joined a dodgeball team with a bunch of guys and girls I did not know and since then, have made some friends, not to mention won a few championships-and I have been playing on the team ever since.

Austin SSC isn’t for only those who were all star Varisty atheletes either, it discriminates against no athletic ability. “Super Social” divisions are options in most the sports tailored to those who prefer the socialization and booze vs the actual game. The “social” division is for all of you who are no rookie to the sport.

Not only are most the sports held out doors in Austin parks (where you can bring your sheppard mix Fluffy), but afterward are Austin bars specials for Austin SSC participants. With drink specials and fun games.

Ever spell out the word “zebra” with your backside while your teammates guess? I have.

Ever try and see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth then say the word “chubby bunny” I have.

The bar games and happy hour specials are the perfect networking opportunity and gives those who have stressful 9-5 (or who just need a break) a great time to wind down.

For more information about league sign ups, sports available, including boot camps, and Memorial Day party barge floats visit