My Personal Thoughts Regarding The Spring Condominiums, Austin TX

Last week I went to an open house in the Spring Condominiums, this is one of the last few projects in Austin being finished up (well this one is ready to go) downtown. Judy Moss, a Prudential Agent (and total sweetheart) hosted and did a great job, might I add! Here are my thoughts on the Spring Condos.

With beautiful views of Town Lake, Downtown facing East and North, the condos have really nice finishouts…really nice. I have seen many of the other projects downtown and this one is definitely in the tops (and the price says that as well).

Besides the modern finishes and large two and three bedroom well-planned layouts some of the amenities are fantastic not only for residents, but for guests as well.

Amenities: Rent suites for family/guests to stay in while visiting, private dining with kitchen for private event, pool, resident lounge, exercise facility. Did I mention the pool is a rooftop pool.

Location, Location, Location. Here is what Spring is near: Bess, Brown Bar, Cafe Josie, Whole Foods, Z Tejas, Amy’s Ice Cream, Ranch 616, Saba, Frank and Angie’s, Wahoo’s, Sweetish Hill Bakery, Little Woodrow’s, Key Bar, Union Park, The Ranch, Rebel’s, Malaga, Truluck’s, Sullivan’s and the list goes on for restaurants and bars….

What I (personally) like the best: IF I did not have a largeĀ  pet (because I do believe in garages and yards) a three bedroom unit would be just fine. 1. Great layout and perfect kitchen for entertaining. I love hosting parties, and what better place to have people over pre-partying with a few cocktails over looking Austin? 2.The location is also superb for those who enjoy a few of my favorite things (when time permits): West 6th Street and Town Lake! These locations are within only a few block radius, as is other places downtown-like the 360-, Austin City Lofts and Nokonah, this building is slightly closer and a straight shot to the part of the trail I enjoy the most (and run the most often-the loop from MoPac to S 1st or the Lamar People’s Bridge…depends on how I am feeling that day).

What I (personally) like the least: 1. Condo life would be hard for me to adjust to. I am a real estate agent-I NEED my car, and I need to be able to get to it pretty fast and easily. I don’t want to have to drive 15minutes down a parking garage to get the conveniences I need. I enjoy walking. I wouldn’t mind walking to get groceries and restaurants but I WOULD mind in the rain or cold (and it has been a cold winter this year). 2. Affordability. Not for me right now anyway, but one day!

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