My Awesome First Time Buyer

I am almost ready to close a property with a friend/client/past co-worker of mine and she is a first time buyer. The thing about my buyer is that she isn’t really much like a first time home buyer at all. She knows her stuff! It is quite refreshing, but at the same time saddens me to not be able to help more. Her internet research skills are great! The process has been smooth and it is almost kind of funny how nerve-racking it can be for the first time home buyer to sign along the dotted line on that first contract. However, after we didn’t get the first two properties she wanted, it became much, much easier to sign and initial every page. Not only is my FTHB (first time home buyer) buying a home, but she is buying a duplex that is already leased on one side, with an FHA loan. She is buying her first investment property and she isn’t even 30 yet, how exciting. I think that is a fantastic thing to report and while I am noticing this generation tending to take longer to save money and commit to purchasing it was about two years ago when she made the commitment to start saving. She walked into my office and we went over what she was going to need to do to get approved for a loan so that she may buy in two years. Items such as: Improve credit-and how to go about it, a down payment, extra money for closing costs, insurance, savings for her own self, and what area have the homes she would most likely be able to afford. Two years went by and here we are today. I am so impressed with my hard-working FTHB. Not only has she done her due diligence, recorded every dollar earned and saved, she also has found several calculators on various websites that would help her determine what she would make on her investment, how long it will take her to pay off the (low) interest on the home, but she also educated me on a lot of resources I can’t wait to use to add to my services for first time home buyers. What I appreciate so much about my FTHB is the fact that because she is so educated and up-to-speed on what she needed to have ready or done, there haven’t been any surprises or upsets or road blocks, such as “I have to have how much for closing, appraisals and what?!!!” or “This home didn’t appraise for my loan amount?!!” I have learned a lot from her, and can’t wait to help others in purchasing their first home as well.