Brinkman’s Brags of 2019

I realize we are almost 90 days into 2020 (and we are not off to a bad start at all) but as the numbers were processed and the award ceremony happend-I am finally catching up.

We had a pretty awesome 2019 and I wanted to take a little moment to say my Thank You’s and well…brag a bit.

The Beginning:

First of all, I would like to note this journey of “success” has been a long road for me. I often have people want to pick my brain about becoming a licensed Realtor and ask me questions about my business-But I like to remind everyone–Success did NOT (and does not) happen overnight. My success came from working two jobs most my career, running around in a beat up Honda Civic showing leases to college kids, consistently being rejected, disorganized, working late on my computer and waiting tables by night to supplement my income. It came from working every weekend, every evening (if I could) and answering emails and texts to be available at all hours.

My success came from persistence. Sure there were times I wanted to give up, but I was determined (and still am) to constantly improve and strive for greater and learn constantly. Persistent to learn from any successful person in real estate possible.

My success came from work ethic. Ask my parents and they will tell you–my need for independence and desire to “earn my keep” or “buy the things I wanted” came at a very young age. I valued babysitting and cleaning neighbor’s homes for that extra cash so I didn’t have to ask my parents when we were having money troubles.

My success came from consistency. When I was working back in 2009/2010, and almost everyone had changed careers, I showed up daily in that empty real estate office–and I didn’t even have clients really. I did my own marketing newsletters and open houses and constantly tried to generate business on my own and learn from my mentor.

My success came from connection. Fortunately for me, I have a desire to connect with others. Being an extrovert worked in my favor and I always enjoyed theme parties, inviting everyone and had a “more the merrier” attitude which essentially equated to knowing a lot of people and getting more business.

Well, as my business has grown, clients have referred me and continually come back to me–I had to hire more people. Which leads me to…


To my clients-A BIG…no HUGE thank you. You know we have your best interest in mind and aim to effectively navigate you through your biggest asset (and we don’t take the job lightly). You let me shoot you straight and “keep it real.” You trust in me. You send me your family, friends and co-workers to help. And in return, you write friendly reviews, provide feedback, come to my appreciation parties and sing my praises–and for that I am forever grateful and indebted.

Leaning Into Leading

I used to often say things like : “I don’t want to lead a team.” and “I hate managing others.” I always felt like a jerk when I had to delegate and tell someone what to do. However, what I have learned over these last 10 years in the business, is that in order to handle ALL the business that has come your way and service ALL your clients as you still are only working with three–you have to have help. You have to train others as you do. And you must implement systems, processes, checklists and black and white rules to simplify all while also teaching how to use critical thinking skills…Oh and Balance. Balance is important. Boundaries are important. And being transparent is very important.

The Team:

The road to hiring was not an easy one, I jumped right in with optimism and later learn that was NOT a good idea, ha. More thought and planning had to be done. I started to learn from others I admired, and evaluated personality tests and what I would exactly have this “assistant” do for me.

Then I fortunately found Tasha.

I am so very grateful for Tasha. She has been with me since early 2018. My behind the scenes right hand woman. Servant’s heart. A “yes” woman. To-Do List Crosser. She keeps me organized, answers emails, helps me stay on top of tasks including our seller’s checklist, schedules showings, explains and answers questions for our clients when I am not available and answers a million emails daily.

Later I added my go-getter Realtor and Buyer’s Agent, Wendy.

This creative, ex-ER Nurse can rise to any occasion and moves fast too (and you need that in today’s market). She empathizes and educates our buyers and REALLY listens and cares, which is also a key ingredient for anyone working with home buyers in this competitive market (especially our first time home buyers!)

Us three combined did a lot last year. We broke a lot of personal/team records and I just have to say I could NOT and WOULD NOT be where I am without their help. Person 3 to add to the ol’ Brinkman Team will hopefully soon fill a Marketing Coordinator position (as I do all my own Marketing, and while it is my favorite part of my career, it is also time consuming and very hard to run your business when you are doing marketing tasks). It’s been a long road of hiring, that’s for sure, but excited for our growth. Always up for more exciting challenges, helping more people, learning more efficient ways to run my business and most importantly-relaxing more. What’s the purpose of achieving your goals, growing your business, if you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor?!

2019 Highlight Reel:
• Humanitarian Award winner at Realty Austin
• Diamond Club (3rd year in a row, $10M+ producer)
• #4 Producer overall company wide
• #3 Producer in Central Austin
• 67 closed homes
• $24M in real estate volume
• 42 buyers
• 25 sellers
• 20 first time home buyers (Proud of these folks, it isn’t easy)
• 16 single female purchases (shout out to my boss babes)

This was a really big deal for me, and I super proud of us and humbled to be recognized (couldn’t make our award ceremony) so read more about our company award ceremony and conference HERE.

Honored to receive the Humanitarian Award in 2019, not only did our team contribute the most money in the company to charities (which comes from each transaction), but ironically enough I had donated to SAFE last year because I could not make the annual gala and I actually ended up winning a Mercedes Benz! (Crazy I know).

Our charitable contributions benefit:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Foundation Communities
  • Community First
  • SAFE

Defining Success:

I used to think that “The more houses I sell, the more successful I am!” but that is not the case at all. In fact, I think the definition of success varies for everyone. I haven’t quite figured out my own definition of success, but it has more to do with balance, providing value to our clients, being present, moving more, getting outside and enjoying life overall.