Ashley Takes on Europe 2012: ROME

STOP #5: Rome, Italy

Germany had been wonderful, Megan was now my travel partner in crime and though she had already been to Rome once before, her love of art and history had me excited for Rome. The phrase “You can’t do Rome in a day” was definitely true.

Can I just add we thought it would be a good idea to fly Ryan Air? Oh how I love taking a bus to an airport in the middle of nowhere, barely making the weight limit with our bags and then piling on Ryan Air plastic seats where your knees hit the seat in front of you. Worth it. We snuck wine on and watched Always Sunny in Philadelphia and flew over the Swiss alps as the sun set. It was crazy pretty. Landing in Italy, getting in the bus to the airport and then finding our way to our room was another big ordeal…or shall I say, fiasco? We managed but it was humid, hot, no signage, and a good walk to the train, where we exited Termini….the main train station by which we were staying.

We had just booked a room a few days prior and of course we booked one that said it had wifi…did it? No. And did we even stay in the intended room we were supposed to stay in? No. We had to check into an Italian restaurant where a nice man promised us we were being upgraded, a short, young Italian man walked us a couple blocks to our room and alas–no wifi (or upgraded room). I think, if I recall correctly it was the room that had a timer on the light switch and window units with a mattress that felt like something people in jail might sleep on. Ah, the life.

So, the little Italian man was really sweet and like we were going to refuse a free Italian meal after we just rolled into town, and some vino. We threw down our stuff, complained of our accommodations then went down for din-din. I can’t remember what we were served up, but I remember all I wanted in Italy was lasagna.

In the midst of our Italian meal, sitting at the sidewalk patio table chatting, we explained we bought the room specifically for ¬†wifi capabilities only to find there was no wifi. “Oh yes, yes you can use it here! I will get you the code.” (read in an Italian accent and broken English). And so as I set my phone out to wait for him to come back, to get the wifi code, it was snatched up. Yep, I set it on the table (like an idiot) and someone ran by, snagged it and took off running. I had grabbed my purse it was sitting on, and saved that, but stood up in shock. The guy who had shown us to our room was actually dining next to us, he untucked his bib from his collar and took off running after him, yet no such luck.

Little did I know not having my phone for the rest of the trip, though was tough here and there–was actually a blessing in disguise.

And now, some photos from Rome


The Coloseum–probably my favorite thing, line was long, took a tour to skip some of it, and its size is impressive and how it was built even more so.


Here I am in the massive arena.


Streets of Rome are narrow and winding, loved it. Tons of motorcycles and unorganized traffic worse than MoPac.


Did you know Rome has more fountains than any other city in the world? Did you know Kansas City is second to Rome in # of fountains? (Fun Fact I learned when living in KC)


Here we are getting robbed as tourist, pretty sure we paid a pretty penny for these cheesy pics! (worth it!)DSC_0662




The ParthenonDSC_0693









Our Coleseum Tour guideDSC_0560




Had a mini obsession with taking photos of cool doors while I was in Europe.DSC_0746





Italian we ate while there, some damn good lasagna but most likely a tourist trap, ha.DSC_0749



So right after the ol phone got stollen (it was night) we decided to walk around, so I saw this at night-so pretty, so big, and at least I had my camera.IMG_0472


We weren’t in Rome for very long, a good full two days, and I didn’t get to see the best part of the Vatican (it was Sunday–we poorly planned) BUT the best part of the trip was to come-a train ride to Cinque Terre, coastal Italy here we come. I was so ready to relax (and exercise, despite walking a ton in flat flip flops this girl needed a hike or swim, or something).


And off we went!

How does Ashley get to take 3wks off for travel? She works for herself, you can read more about here, here!