Brinkman’s Remodeling Tips-Part 1

Given my own remodel finished up (well almost, anyway) and our next quarterly educational event (May 11-save the date via Zoom) we’ll be covering equity, re-financing and home renovations that get you a return (and how to finance them)…I thought I would keep the content coming in the remodeling department, so here goes.
If you aren’t looking to take on a huge project but want to see some major improvements in your home, I have a few thoughts:
1. Fixture changes. Knobs, pulls and some new lights can really spruce up an area. Add recessed lighting for darker spaces. For lower ceilings do a flush mount or semi-flush mount vs big chandelier. Try to stay matched, but ok to mix metals here and there. For example black and brass. {But not matte black and oil rubbed bronze. Brushed nickel and chrome–also a NO}  Ya feel me?
2. Paint. Yep,  Paint can make a world of difference and most of my sellers think I am crazy when I tell them to paint their home white right now. But white is in. It’s a blank canvas, makes the space seem brighter and more open. Try to not choose whites with a blue or yellow undertone. Me, I go with Ultra Pure White from Behr and keep it simple, accent walls can be added later. {Other popular whites: Whisper white, alabaster and Pure White}.
3. Storage solutions. Errybody loves storage and it’s especially needed for smaller condos or older homes (and why we minimize and pull items off the floor when selling-to be more appealing!) I love my gal Alisha at More space place design who always builds me out a beautiful closet, but adding pantry solutions, built in’s etc is a nice way to keep organized, especially in the garage too!