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Whole30 Challenge:

While I am currently not doing Crossfit on a day-to-day basis, I do attend a crossfit gym (but I do classes with an old fav trainer, Taylor, because I like that programming) but I do work out with a group of wonderful gals who for some odd reason thought June 1 they should do a Whole30 challenge.

So this blog is my day-to-day of how the challenge went for me (live blogging if you will).

All I knew of Whole30 is: it is more strict than paleo.

When the girls talked about this challenge pre-Memorial Day weekend. I thought to myself, “well now that is just crazy…I can’t do that.” So I proposed to the group (we have our own little facebook group):

Hey ladies what if we do a point system?! 20pts for eating perfect, 10 if one meal had something not on whole30, maybe 5 for drinking 8 glasses of water or 5 for working out–that way the whole day isn’t lost and we are still working toward a positive goal and outcome.

Wellll…that got shot down. But the reason being is “that’s not how Whole30 works.” It is an all or nothing type of diet. And I hate using the word diet, so let’s just stick with challenge. Because of how Whole30 works, you cannot just do a little cheat here or a little cheat there (and to be honest as I type this I am not finished with the book, but the best way is to think of this is like a 30 day cleanse–in my opinion).

Some of the girls have told me that this challenge is not to weight yourself, measure yourself or take before and after photos, but to change your relationship with food…(but let’s be real, you know I jumped on the scale to see)

My thoughts: Yes, I already know me and food have a roller coaster type of relationship {Monday-Thursday we are pretty cool, but special occasions and weekends we are on the rocks}

So this is how it has gone down, my experience with Whole30.

Monday May 30: -2 Days until Whole30

Drove back from Port Aransas after a fun binge drinking weekend filled with home made tacos, minimal veggies and lots of chips (I cannot tell you how much I love wheat thins). Talked about food half the way home with my friend. Stopped at Mc Donald’s because it had been a while since we had Mickey D’s, it was in the gas station we stopped at and well, because….FRIES.

Thoughts: Maybe I will do this challenge, it will probably only last 4 days because I can’t go a weekend without drinking-I know myself too well.

Tuesday May 31: -1 day until Whole30: Went to HEB and Whole foods and bought some items Whole30 compliant; such as veggies, fruits, grass fed beef, turkey, etc. I came home and meal prep’d. I am no stranger to this–so long as I have the time, I am pretty good at cutting fruits and veggies and roasting sweet potatoes to easily grab or have as a meal later.

Thoughts: Well here goes nothing, guess I will just see how this goes, but my heart really isn’t in this (and it isn’t like there is a ca$h prize).

Wednesday, June 1: Whole30 Day 1: Worked at home that afternoon, so got up, made my usual egg scramble (eggs, corn, bell peppers, shredded chicken) but with no cheese, little diced avocado on top with some plantain chips for crunch. Later snacked on some berries.

Thoughts: Yep, this Whole 30 thing is a walk in the park….(so long as I am home the whole month of June)

Then my sister decided to have her baby. So that evening after I worked out, I packed my lunch sack  with some items I had prep’d and drove down to Victoria to visit with my apples, avocados and ready to go snacks in tow! Passing a Buc-ee’s without stopping for gas (and a snack) wasn’t easy.

Thursday, June 2: Whole30 Day 2: Woke up, found eggs in sister’s fridge where I stayed. scrambled those up and added avocado that I brought. Sliced up an apple too. Found a dish on the counter covered with aluminum, peeked–there it was—a beautiful, homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Reached for the butter knife already in the dish to cut a slice then shook my head in disapproval remembering I was “on Whole30.” Sat down and ate my eggs. Later that day I went to the hospital for some more family time. Everyone brought lunch up there to eat and Kendal her favorite–chik-fil-a. There were donuts sitting on her bed side hospital table and her fav candy-sour patch kids. I watched my ever-so-fit brother grab a chocolate eclair and scarf it in front of me. Bastard. He also put his Schlotzky’s chocolate chip cookie in my purse to taunt me, but fortunately I found it before I left the hospital.

Thoughts: My realization is how my mind works when it comes to food coming around: If it’s right there in front of me… I will eat it. {Mmmm sugar.}

Thursday, June 3: Whole 30 Day 3: Not a bad day, worked from home quite a bit that day too, which is easy for me when at home. I had some snacks and items prepped, went to the gym, came home and made dinner (really wanted a glass of wine as I started season 2 of Bloodline.

Thoughts: I consider myself a social drinker, but as of the past 6mo or so (and since I got a Costco membership) I find myself having a glass of wine with dinner in the evenings as I Netflix binge or do stuff around the house.

Friday, June 4: Whole 30 Day 4: Well, this is the day I usually cave. All week I eat fantastic, then Friday rolls around and at 5 o’clock I want happy hour!! Even when all week I said I was going to “chill” this weekend. Fortunately, my air bnb guest checked in, we caught up (she’s more like a friend now) and the bestie got back into town and we had a lot to catch up on. I worked out in the eve. Picked up a few things at Whole Foods and we stayed up until 6-yes 6am chatting it up. And turnips cut up and roasted do NOT taste like french fries…for the record.

Thoughts: Why in the F did I stay up this late?! And why didn’t I do less turnips on the cookie sheet so they’d get crispier.

Saturday, June 5: Whole 30 Day 5: Skipped work out, because I was exhausted. {How did I feel hungover when I didn’t even drink, I swear I am doomed!} Showed homes, wrote an offer, then had to eat at home, shower and go to a book launch party I was photographing as a favor for a friend. That actually wasn’t too hard, like I thought it would be. I didn’t drink, I caught up with friends, took photos. And some of the items were Whole30 friendly appetizers (steak, sweet potato, and cubed watermelon with pistachio on top) There was a dab of sauce on some of the items that probably had sugar or something in it, but I ate it anyway. So there, I cheated..I guess. That night I came home to get some more stuff done, in bed late…per usual (grr).

Thoughts: Wow I made it through a Friday AND Saturday of not drinking. *Pats self on back* But how am I still this tired and hungover feeling…getting old sucks. ha.

Sunday, June 6: Whole 30 Day 6: Today was the first day I went out to eat and was able to easily stick with Whole30! Galaxy Cafe for brunch with friends. Denver Scramble, no cheese, no bread, add avocado, sub side of fruit-Boom. Not bad! But eating potatoes without ketchup just isn’t the same. Later I played sand volley ball with some peeps (also on Whole30, so only half of them were drinking) and then showed a house, mowed my front lawn, did a little work and watched some more Bloodline. Not too shabby and my ideal perfect day.

Thoughts: Week 1 down, not terrible. You can do this, Ashley.

Monday, June 7: Whole 30 Day 7: Today started off well, made breakfast, attended my Monday AM meetings, showed a condo, ate lunch at home. Driving past places I used to stop at (or work from) is hard, but I suppose it isn’t bad to be at home working when I can control what goes into my mouth. Today’s challenge was the fact I was given a little box of Tiff’s Treats cookies from a tenant (after I photographed his unit). I passed them along to my Air Bnb Guest, told her she MUST have them and not to let me near them. I mean TIFF’S TREATS! People!! Mmmmm so good. The best chocolate chip cookies in town. She had a few but left them on the damn kitchen table for me to stare at that perfect white box. But I did it, I made it through the day, had a killer leg workout. Finished up Bloodline too (while eating cantaloupe). So good-the show, not the fruit.

Thoughts: I need to either start liking Black Coffee or find some caffeine that is Whole30 compliant because this girl is EXHAUSTED.

Tuesday, June 7: Whole 30 Day 7: Today’s challenge was BORNS in concert at Stubb. I did it though. After working from home most the day, a showing, and then an errand at Home Depot (where I really wanted to grab a little treat like I usually do-KitKat or something) I refrained. But I did come home to #GoodGollyMissMollyMaltipoo who ate a WHOLE (mini) box of Tiffs Treats!!! I was pissed. The chocolate and crumbs was evident on my couch and my rug. She jumped up on the table and ate the entire box. That little B. I think I am honestly more jealous she got to have cookies than angry or worried that she was going to be sick all night. Anyway, I mowed my backyard, showered and went to the concert…sober. I did have a few sips of vodka soda as my date offered me a drink, but I said–“I just don’t think it will be worth it, to come this far, and have a few drinks–and for what? Plus I am driving…you drink, I will have water.” And so I did.

Thoughts: Being in a hot ass crowd sober and listening to music is bearable–have I been in better predicaments? Absolutely. Is this how pregnant women feel who still go out? Coming home after a concert and eating my home made guac with celery does not equal Whataburger.

{side note…when Molly finds a treat/food she REALLY likes, she hides it and “savors” it. Just like her mama. I go into my bedroom, turn down pillows and there it was–a half eaten chocolate chip with M&Ms cookies Molly had hidden. That devil dog.}


Wednesday, June 8, Whole 30 Day 8: First off, happy birthday Megan! Not going to her party tonight, because well it is at a bar where they serve BBQ, talk about temptation city. Weighed myself today-dropped 4lbs. Had an appt. where we met at HEB Mueller and just grabbed nuts and fresh fruit for lunch to eat. Come workout time–I was drained. This was due to somewhat of a busy day and lack of protein or carbs. I mean I think I actually yawned while working out…Came home, had salmon and sweet potatoes, gave me the energy to do a little home projects and blogging.

Thoughts: I need to start napping more.

Thursday June 9, Whole 30 Day 9: Today I learned that I am not supposed to have peanuts on Whole30! Whoops! Missed that somehow (can you tell I still haven’t finished the book…) But no biggie, they are just mixed in with some of the nuts I bought in bulk at HEB, but I haven’t been eating PB and celery non stop or anything. Today was on the go-ish as well, but I learned from yesterday’s mistakes and instead of just eating fruits and veggies I had eggs in the AM and then at our 2pm meeting pulled out my shredded chicken with avocado on top (yeah people were jealous). Worked out-endurance class. Then came home, had an hour to do some laundry and prep/eat before kickball. Did the spaghetti squash and turkey w W30 approved pasta sauce thing-eh (I get so bored of leftovers). And baked sweet potatoes for later. I f’n love sweet pots if you can’t tell. The good news is I am hosting some ladies this weekend for a Whole 30 pot luck dinner/game night. Much like my workouts–I do better when other people around me are in the same boat :) Tonight (literally before I typed this entry) I mixed egg, banana and cinnamon and made “pancakes” they looked like something Molly has thrown up, but fortunately were tasty. PS have the gas on low, I think it was burning off the coconut oil and cooking it too fast…so some were burnt (shocker, Ashley can’t do anything slow or on low heat).

Thoughts: 1. I cannot believe I posted that blog to facebook yesterday instead of just my closed accountability group…now I really have to stick this shit out and try and stay positive.  2. It’s time to get creative and look on Pinterest or something, bc I am already bored with this food, how am I going to last 21 more days?!?!? 3. Mmmm sweet potatoes.

I decided to take my blog from this site (my professional blog site) to my personal blog site, you can read more on my day to day Whole30 challenge HERE. Thanks for reading!





Looking forward to 2012: Goals, Speculations and non-Resolutions

With the holidays ending in hopefully merriment, cheer, full bellies and celebrations; the end of the year  also brings the thoughts of what is in store for 2012. I know, personally, I am constantly looking forward to “the next thing in life.” I do try to appreciate everything I have now, and enjoy “the now,” but there are always personal and professional goals I want to accomplish. From tasks at homes, learning new projects and how to use certain programs (for example Photoshop has been one complicated thorn in my side!), to volunteering more,  to running more races and drinking more water, to selling more houses and building better/more helpful systems within my business.

How do I balance it all? This year I felt stretched to the absolute max…but only at certain times. I like being busy, I really do. I often find it hard to balance work, fitness (because while it is something I find important I do find it enjoyable as well), and all the social functions (from birthdays to seeing old friends and catching up, to real estate luncheons and happy hours)…the calendar fills up quickly)!

There are some people who have made the same resolution year after year (I may be guilty of this). Here are the top NY Resolutions!

There are some people who refuse to make resolutions because “there is no point.” (I have never done this).

What I have done is unsucessfully followed through with most of my New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why I don’t think I want to call them RESOLUTIONS. I prefer goals.

Perhaps this year I should break down each goal, like I have to do with most projects and objectives, in order to complete them. The problem with this method, is that like most goals that I want to be held accountable for…(the tracking and time consumption of recording or doing the actual deed that leads me to the overall goal) but quite time consuming and difficult. {sigh}

Some of my past NYE Resolutions:

  • Drink more water
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Be more positive
  • Stay in better touch with friends
  • Increase my business

Now, let’s take a look at why the above resolutions were unsuccessful…perhaps because they weren’t defined by that infamous acronym we went over in junior high when we discussed our goals- SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). I won’t get into each specific goal and how I could break it down even more to accomplish the goal, but perhaps when you decide to make a resolution for next year…or maybe just a few things you “vow” to do this year that ‘lil acronym will come in handy ;)

I don’t want to share with you ALL my goals and wishes for 2012, because honestly most of them would bore you to death–if you are even this far down in reading my post, I commend you. Plus most of my goals have been on my list of things to “get better at” or “do more of” for years. What I find somewhat incredible is when your “five year goals” slowly start coming to light because those five years are expiring.

Which brings me to one of my 2012 goals I am adamant about doing. I am not exactly sure how, or exactly when…but I am DETERMINED that in 2012 I WILL go out of the US, and hopefully to London or Paris! I told myself: December is my deadline for applying for a passport. I looked up everything on what I need, and while I thought it was a submission online with some documentation, it looks as though I have 6 days  left to get myself down to the office and get me signed up to receive a passport! (Yes I realize it will be a while to get one, but that will give me time to figure out where to go first!)

I don’t try to live in”regrets.” But I am somewhat regretful I have never traveled. It makes me really question why I have worked as hard as I have and as much as I have and not seen even half of the things in this world that I want to see. Not only have I not seen several US cities that I really want to see, but I haven’t even been out of the US! <insert pity face now>..well, I do not count Cancun’s Senior year high school trip, as typical “out of the US” trip, too Americanized. ha.

US Cities I still must see:

  • Chicago (this is at the top of the list)
  • Miami
  • Orlando (just might go this year with the Prudential convention being located there!)
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Lake Tahoe
  • San Diego
  • Boston (again)
  • NYC (again…any time)

I don’t even know where to begin if I go out of the country. Always taking suggestions. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know if I want to travel with anyone…and if so who that may be! (I am a hard girl to keep up with, and if someone wants to travel with, I need an even temperament, a desire to be on the go, and the energy to possibly run on 4-5hrs of sleep a few nights and someone who wants to see everything, oh and someone fun…of course).

Some people think I should do exotic for my first trip… what would exotic be exactly?

One of my best friends says Germany is her favorite and all the small towns.

I do have a connection in Scotland (not sure if I want to do cold weather…takes up too much room in the suitcase)

I have friends of friends in London? And am fond of places where I can read the language or understand it at least!

And some say fly to one country, take a train and leave from another…

Where shall I go?

Best wishes to you and your endeavors, goals, and ambitions of 2012…

I am not sure HOW exactly to get where I want to go, but I know if I start to plan the trip, I will make it happen. Taking suggestions and ideas of where to begin…

Narcoleptic, Insomniac-Check!

As I get older I start to realize the habits I have formed for doing a lot of tasks. For example, to-do lists. I usually can remember most the things I need to do, as I did in college, but for some reason I think I write down “tasks” just so I can scratch them off my list. In high school I knew what day the student council meeting was. Meeting-check. And in college I knew what day the final was. Study for final-check. I think I do it to partly keep me “in line,” but mainly to feel a sense of accomplishment. Work out-check, Pick up milk from store-check, Start laundry-check, advertise new listing-check. I am sure if you are like me, you know what you must get done each day and what would be nice to accomplish, (Paint the bedroom-check) I write down both of these, that way if not everything that I NEED to do gets done, at least a few other things on my list are crossed off and I feel better about my productivity that day. Eat Lunch-check.

Another habit I have had since, oh, I would say about high school-has been staying up late. Actually, this habit could date back to when I was a child and got my own TV in my room (man, did I love some late night Quantum Leap re-runs). I don’t stay up late because I am necessarily out on the town having a good time either. It is all because of this one invention called, the Internet. I got a computer in high school, yes a little late on the band wagon. I would stay up late exploring colleges, downloading songs off Napster (now you can tell how old I am) and just surfing the web and all the information and websites I felt so left out of (everyone else had computers long before I did). Here I am now, a “few” years later, with the same habits. Now, if you took the same material I was reading on the internet and printed it in a book and I laid down to read this in bed-I would be out in a split second. I guess I wouldn’t necessarily call this habit, but yet an ability-or curse, depending on how you look at it, but I can sleep through just about anything. In fact one camping trip in a small camper we had rented with friends the carbon monoxide alarm went off in the middle of the night and I was the only one who never heard it. I can also fall asleep and start dreaming in about 2.5 seconds.
Swerving off topic some, I find it interesting that changing our habits can be such a difficult task, even when we know what is good for us. I suppose you could compare this statement to dieting. Why do we know french fries and ice cream is bad, yet still want it and eat it anyway? I know staying up late only causes a cycle for me, I am more tired the next day, have  a harder time getting up, and I actually think my dreams are a bit stranger (I think this is due to REM sleep and the allotted time I have sleeping isn’t in that cycle long enough). So, what do I do-like any time I want to CHANGE something about me? I write it down. I make a plan. I tell people I am going to do it. I put it into place, I do what I say. Then week 3 or 4 rolls around and I am back where I started.
Anyone every try hypnosis to break a habit and actually hear of it working?

I want to hypnotize myself to have more self discipline-is that possible? I cannot imagine waking up like everyone else. Maybe the fact I refuse to drink coffee is what hurts me, not the fact I go to sleep late. Is it because I don’t have any kids, is that why I can manage to stay up so late? Whatever it is, I hope I can actually break the habit at one point in my life.

It is now 2:20am, time for me to go to sleep, wake up grouchy, and say the following day, “I need to start getting up earlier.”

And that is all I have to say about bad habits.