What’s that thing going up next to Mr. Natural on the East side??

Recently, I have been trying to contact already local business owners to let them know of my listing on E. Cesar Chavez. The East side has become such a hot area over the past 6 or so years in Austin. As it continues to grow and become more eclectic, the houses along the street have disappeared and are now businesses.

The corner of Cesar Chavez and Chicon is the first Mr. Natural location. A local and family owned business (and only two doors down from my listing). Not to long ago the family purchased the lot next door and began construction. Well, construction is moving right along. The three story building will be for holistic purposes, just as the core values of Mr. Natural is built upon: Family and values, catering toward the Hispanic community. Natural. No meat. No alcohol. No cigarettes. Closed Sunday for God and family. I talked to Jesus, a member of the family and he explained all of this to me. There are plans for the building to be leased to chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga studio and a possible area for Quinceneras as well. Not sure on the name of this property just yet, but basically Jesus called it a “holistic plaza.” As the construction began, after rezoning and such they received more input from local residences as to what needs/wants to be in the area. They are now trying to also get the new ideas approved and permitted as well. Mr. Natural also has a location off S. Lamar. They are priced less than Whole Foods, I have personally tried the tres leches (recommended), and when you shop here you are supporting a local Austin business (and family). Here are some photos that I took below of the progress.

Wave to the camera!

Cesar Chavez between Lynn and Chicon, next to Mr. Natural.

The first location

Now, let’s get the house two doors down SOLD. My Cesar Chavez listing can be a number of businesses for this creative, hip neighborhood.

While 2010 may have been a tough year for many, especially those not in Texas, I did see a few Austin business close doors. Some local business, some national chains that didn’t thrive in our unique city. However, I also noticed a lot more opening, more local businesses adding other locations. How many Torchy’s locations are there now??? In the past year and half downtown has blossomed with condo projects finishing up, new bars, restaurants and the new Rainey Street area is now finally growing with more restaurants, currently there are plenty of hip, loungy bars to visit as well. The quirky thing I think people appreciate about so many areas of Austin (especially South and East) is the fact the neighborhoods are filled with something old and run down, next door something new, urban, or contemporary and around the corner a local Austin business attracting anything from hipster to hippy to yuppy. Keep Austin Weird is our motto, although I am not finding things around here as “Weird” as I used to when I first moved to the city, but more of just a normalcy I appreciate.