We Went Under Contract Once, (when) Will It Happen Again?

Recently I was excited to get the opportunity to list a great house on the East side of Austin, Tx (a very transitional, popular, fantastic location-especially for the price)! 1703 Holly Austin, Tx 78702.

It is one of those houses that as an agent you almost dream of having the opportunity to sell (not to mention the client to work with). My client has sold and flipped houses before, so understands the markets, keeps it clean, is reasonable about price, and you can be honest with the Seller (without them getting offended).

Anyway, so we put it on the market, steady showings (in December and January–always a good sign the market is picking up and there are buyers). We had an open house one pretty, “no football on TV”, Sunday and we had a wonderful turn out. Agents with clients, buyers, people just wanting to see what their neighbor’s home was like, flooded the house one at a time and in droves. Alas, one couple looked again and measured rooms…a really good sign! The next day, as suspected I heard from their agent with a very good, resaonable offer.

Within 24 hours, a winter storm powering down half the city, and businesses being closed-we were under contract. A few days later and into our option period we found out the couple had a change in family plans and now had to back out of the deal.

Here is the hard part. We are now back on the market, steady showings, great feedback, some of the people who viewed the home stayed in it for at least half an hour. Now, why aren’t we under contract again? If someone wanted the home once, someone will want it again, right? The well priced home across the corner just came on the market and went under contract. And in these circumstance what do I tel my seller? I mean, it can’t be price, we got a good offer from the get-go. I suppose I can only say, “just be patient, Spring is around the corner,” so many times. Am I being too optimistic? In these circumstances it can just be so hard to hang tight and wait. Another open house is around the corner, so maybe since it brought an offer once, it will happen again (and this time it will be a sure thing).

I guess that is real estate for ya-anything can happen and no two deals are ever the same.