Seller’s Paperwork Checklist

Hey sellers! Let’s talk about something everyone loves…paperwork!

I know – it’s not fun or exciting. But, it is a necessary step in the home selling process.

Lucky for you, I’ve done this a couple of times and know exactly what you need. Here’s a look at the paperwork you’re going to need to have ready when selling your home:

Signed Listing Agreement
In simple terms, a listing agreement is just that – an agreement between a real estate agent and the property owner to find a buyer for the owner’s property. This document is provided to you. All you have to do is sign it!

Seller’s Disclosure
The seller’s disclosure is a set of documents that lists any known issues with the property and any remodel projects completed during the time you owned the home. Again, this form is provided to you. You just have to fill it out. It is not always required, but we do like to have this PRIOR TO LISTING (and if we decide to go the route of getting a pre-inspection, you will be able to include that with this document as well).

Property Survey
This is a legal document that clearly shows all the boundaries of your property. Note: A condo does not typically have a survey (especially those with shared walls).

Notarized T-47
This form is to show that your footprint of the home has or has not changed. For example, if you added a pool, deck, storage shed you will write/draw that in on this form and explain and have notarized.

Warranties and Receipts For Items Fixed or Replaced
Collect warranties and receipts for any items you have fixed or replaced – i.e. foundation, roof, HVAC, etc. Transparency can go a long way with potential buyers and they will appreciate any information you can provide.

Exclusions List
Are there any items you are definitely taking with you when you leave? Refrigerator? Washer/Dryer? That beautiful dining room light fixture you love?Make a list of these items so they can be noted in MLS for agents to write in the contract as an exclusion.

“Why You Love Your Home” List (BONUS)
What makes your home special? What makes it stand out from other homes on the market? List the features you love so they can be showcased in photos and listing descriptions.

Homeowner’s Association Information (if applicable)
How much are your HOA dues? When are they due? What do they include? Jot it down – buyers like to know this information! If you can gather a pdf of the documents for us to disclose-even better! These documents also take some time to gather once ordered from the title company and cost money-FYI.

Summer/Winter Utility Bill
Utility bills differ from season-to-season. Locate an old summer and winter utility bill so buyers have some idea of what to expect when they own the property.

Later we also make sure we have your: Showing Instructions
Is there a certain day of the week or time you don’t want showings scheduled? Maybe you don’t want anyone viewing the property after 8 p.m.? Be upfront and let us know before your home is listed. We also ask for you to provide us with a key or code for entry.

Our preferred method for selling your home: Photos early in week (or week prior) we like Mondays or Tuesdays. Listing on Wednesday or Thursdays, showings allowed through weekend (go out of town with your home clean and ready to show). The easier it is to show–the better. The better your home looks for photography, the more likely we are to get showings, the more showings=the more offers. We typically do an open house the first or second weekend of being on the market as well, depending on time of year. If you must be home during showings, leave your home ready to show and prepared to leave within an hour notice.

Have questions? Reach out to me or a member of my team: We are always available to answer your questions! And happy to help.

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