Hi Yooooooo!

Know what I love about the internet? Little things like this… http://www.hiyoooo.com/ Click on his head and have a great day.

Bus Routes for Longhorns

University of Texas is one large campus! With so many students and faculty trying to get to one area (whether you live close or farther out) I thought this link could be helpful. http://www.utexas.edu/parking/transportation/shuttle/map.html      

First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit Information

Curious as to if you qualify for the First time home buyer’s tax credit…or how it works? Here are some frequently asked questions to clarify: Who is eligible to claim the tax credit? First-time home buyers purchasing any kind of home—new or resale—are eligible for the tax credit. To qualify for the tax credit, a… Continue Reading

10 Cities Where Americans are Relocating, No. 2 Austin, TX (Forbes)

An interesting article you might like to read from Forbes, Real Estate.  Ten Cities Where Americans Are Relocating Lauren Sherman, 03.30.09, 04:00 PM EDT U.S. migration may be down overall, but these vibrant metro areas are still attracting newcomers. In Depth: 10 Cities Where Americans Are Relocating Unemployment is on the rise, credit is tight,… Continue Reading