Brinkman’s Favorite Business Reads of 2019

Every year I swear I am going to get better about blogging on a more regular basis. I think of topics and ideas all the time, but creative flow and actually having the time to write don’t seem to coincide as much as I would like. So I am kicking off January2020 (the last day… Continue Reading

Brinkman’s Tips on How to be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Ashley here! I often have people connect me with friends or family members who want to get into Real Estate. I am always happy to chat about this topic and if you don’t know me–well, I am a straight shooter and “keep it real.” First things first–the title of this blog. “How to be a… Continue Reading

Brinkman’s Landlord Tips

As a Broker, Realtor and home owner, I thought I would share a few quick tips about my experience on being a landlord. I will say, it certainly helps that I am in real estate, and started my career by doing leasing, but I try and educate all my clients on how to manage their… Continue Reading

Short Term Renting–Frequently Asked Questions

***An Update to My Adventures of Air BnB*** Well, it’s been four years since this last post and four years of doing short term rentals, in three different places plus helping a friend manage their rental as well, so I think I┬áhave this side hustle business down. So I am going to try and touch… Continue Reading

Buying in a Hot Austin Seller’s Market

So I have to admit. I have already posted about this, done videos on this, and if you meet with me in person and you are buying a home–I cover all this. But also I wrote a blog on this topic on a plane a few weeks ago and somehow deleted it–sigh, but I am… Continue Reading

Protesting Your Property Taxes-The 2019 Edition

One of my goals this year is to be of more value to my past clients, and while I am always happy to answer what I can, refer recommendations, give my advice and share what I learn about my experiences etc, I seem to be mediocre and distributing this information… So I am going to… Continue Reading

Brinkman’s Remodeling Tips

As I sit here and write this, I look over at my unfinished kitchen…Yes, there are pretty painted cabinets and fun backsplash (I chose myself ahem with the wrong color grout), and a new sink and quartz countertops…but in the grand scheme of things–it is still not what I pictured in my mind– Basically I… Continue Reading

Austin Housing Market: Why Fall and Winter are still a good time to Buy or Sell

I must admit, I have been pretty fortunate to be in Austin Tx (and specifically Real Estate since 2008). While my career definitely started slow, it has only continued to grow and so has this city. While we aren’t through with October, our company alone is showing October to actually surpass September, this is unusual… Continue Reading

TAX TIME! 2018: Protesting Your Property Taxes

HELLO FRIENDS! This is an email I sent out to all my past clients, but I thought I would share for those that aren’t past clients of mine (but maybe you own a home and will find this information valuable) Fortunately I believe all counties now let you informally protest online now, making life much… Continue Reading

The Importance of Appearance

While first impressions are certainly key (I read some crazy statistic about how people make an impression in the first .9 seconds of meeting someone) I am not talking about dating here (we’ll save that for another post) What I am referring to is…HOMES ya’ll…selling homes. “Staged homes sell faster.” You and I have both… Continue Reading