My First Wedding Shoot: Caswell House, Austin Tx

{December 1, 2012: Heidi and Brian’s Wedding at the Caswell House, Austin Photography}

About two years ago I met some girls that had contacted me about a house they wanted to lease. I met them and liked them instantly. They were spunky and honest and forward on what they liked, yet really different and all over the place–we hit it off immediately.

We worked together and I actually never got to help them find THAT particular home (found something through an owner with a sign in the yard), but the sweethearts sent me a gift card or check (can’t remember but it was of monetary value–right before my birthday too) and they thanked me for all my hard work in helping them–how nice is that?! Then a year later I helped one of them (Heidi) find a house for lease in Hyde Park. And then again a year later or so, she contacted me again when she was ready to buy–and she did… (which I helped her find and close-yay me!)

So while our relationship was usually work related–we could be very candid with one another ( it is no secret I am pretty honest and open–I mean you ARE reading my blog about anything and everything for pete’s sake!). Anywho, this cool chick followed my facebook business page photos of random things I liked to photograph, eventually I did some engagement shoots for friends, posted some of those on my blog as well. I definitely have a preference for portrait photography. Then one day she’d ask me to take photos at her low key wedding, reception to follow in their newly bought (and renovated) home in East Austin (sold to them, by yours truly, again I remind you, haha) and I said No way Jose! Way too much pressure for someone who just likes to take photos of signs of her fav Austin restaurants, ya know?!

Anyway, time passed and Heidi’s wedding got closer and she asked again. She promised me she was low maintenance, no fuss, and I knew she wasn’t lying, she is such a laid back, cool person. So, I for some reason, agreed. Only to later find out in our lunch meeting about her wedding that it was now at the Caswell House-ceremony and reception and she had 8 bridesmaids now and Whole Foods to cater! NBD, right?! The pressure was on now.

Low and behold, here are some shots from Heidi’s wedding. Now, from a professional standpoint I know these are not that great, but the only thing that matters to me is that Heidi and Brian were happy–and they were, and I am grateful for that. What I did learn is of all the camera accessories I now want for my camera (or a new upgraded camera-hehe). Thank goodness most the bridesmaids had nice DSLRs, without them, I wouldn’t have gotten some of the amazing shots when the room was darker and people were dancing (that is seriously the toughest moment to capture)!

Here are a few photos, not sure how I’d feel about doing it again, but perhaps for someone just as cool and nice as Heidi (and a beautiful bride never takes bad photos, so that certainly helped). Enjoy.

Bride picked these flowers, brought to you by Whole Foods

Getting ready in the lady’s quarters

Girl shot!

What I love is that Heidi told her lovely friends “pick a long gray dress” and they all came together nicely, each one reflecting a bit of their personality. Lovely, ladies, lovely!

Some other cameras I used besides my own, thank goodness for my second, third, fourth and fifth shooters, between us all I am sure Heidi has some awesome photos. I love my beginner Nikon, but may be time to upgrade 🙂

If there’s one thing I like it’s a snappy ceremony! (and it was!)

I love this photo. Pretty sure Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” came on, that will make any girl excited, ready to dance, and sing along.

Best Man Speech. Probably one of the best I have ever heard. (Is it ok to cry at a wedding you are not officially attending as a guest??)

The little book the best man wrote in while getting ready earlier. Love it.

Gotta have the father/daughter dance shot.

I think some elbows were thrown for that bouquet.

View from the Caswell house upstairs balcony.

There wasn’t much time for bridal party photos following, (in fact the whole night just flew by but I like the look of this one and tried my best to capture everyone!

Seeing something like this you’d think it was my idea, but nope…this guy came up with it all on his own. Classy.

During the last dance, everyone waited downstairs and got sparklers ready and I snapped this one. I was using a different camera than mine (it was actually really dark in the room) but I just loved it and focused in on the flowers.

After I snapped the first (and I did like the look of the Shiner Bock bottle in the shot), I thought–well, better move it while I have the chance. Hopefully one of these they like, as it is one of my favs and just a little different.

And away they go!

Or do you prefer this affect better? I played around with it some when I was editing, I like them both for different reasons but always think black and white is a classic…like this one below (Heidi’s sister).

Aren’t these the cutest parting gifts?!

And they lived happily ever after.

As always, thanks for reading.


(the Realtor, non professional photographer who likes to blog about all, loves Austin, taking photos, traveling, working out and working with people). That is all.