Ashley Brinkman’s Referral Contest

Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to put something more solid in place for those of my friends and clients that refer me business, because it is so VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

After some deliberation, talks with other successful agents and marketing gurus, I am going to run a monthly contest for those of youthat send me referrals!!

As a Realtor, my livelihood (and honestly my happiness, because work does make me happy-among other things) depends on the business and people in my life I am helping. Last year, when I look over the people I worked with 97% of the transactions were repeat clients AND referrals from other friends/clients. That’s good stuff! I am so proud of myself and more importantly honored that people think of me, call me 4yrs later and trust me with their friends, family and colleagues. I don’t just want to sell you a house–I want to be a great resource for you year after year.

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Statistics show that the average person knows 4 people moving every year. If I had at least one referral from last year’s business that would double my business–and I would be happy with even half that amount.

thank you

Do I send those who send me business a little gift card and/or thank you note in the mail?! Absolutely, but now I am stepping up my game! And here’s the new protocol and what I am calling–


-Every time someone sends me an email/text (text preferred) introduction to someone who could use my services they will get a little gift AND be entered into a drawing for that month.

-Gifts will vary from your favorite restaurant, engraved Yeti cups, home stuff as well as Visa gift cards to buy whatever your little heart desires (and I will give you options!)

-Two introductions in April=Two entries in the drawing and so forth

-You do NOT have to be present to win! My assistant and I will be keeping track as we receive referrals and then post and contact the winner at the end of each month!

Everyone knows a Realtor…or ten, (especially in Austin) so even if they haven’t decided yet who to work with, or started going to open houses, it’s ok to shop around for agents (as we do mortgage brokers and contractors) and I am always happy to chat and answer questions about the market/process etc. Sometimes I meet with buyers a year out from purchasing a home, sometimes a month out–but either way, I like to answer questions and explain the process of one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

My 2017 Goal: To help 50 people buy or sell a home

Who am I looking to help?

  • A person or family looking to move (buy or sell) Time to upgrade?!
  • A person or family going through a big life change that could result in a move…
  • A person or family buying their first home/tired of renting/thinking it’s time to get organized
  • A person or family member possibly relocating (in or out of the State, as we have a relocation department to assist in pairing them with an area expert!)
  • A person or family who wants to rent a home (while I don’t normally do rentals, I do have help now and they are ready to take it on if they can!)

moving no prob


I know what you are thinking–Ashley, you were already so busy last year, how are you going to take on more business??!!

Good news, I have a plan– I am building my team! I want to be available to you, but I also know for this to happen, I have to have others helping me–and I do!

Hannah is also a licensed Realtor who has been helping me in the “background.” She helps with organizing my meetings with new buyers to helping me market properties for sellers and getting all the little details aligned for us to be successful! She helps me show properties as well as some of my awesome co-workers when I can’t be two places at once. Hannah has also been doing some leasing  when she has time, she is well versed with DT and south living and happy to help if you know someone looking too!

Hannah web-2

The best part of the contest–and my personal favorite– the appreciation party!

ClientAppreciationParty_FacebookCover (2)

Last year I did my first client appreciation party (at Lustre Pearl East) and it was a success! This year I would like to do a specific party for those who refer me business throughout the year–everyone loves a good party! And I love to see and catch up with many of you doing cool events that maybe you normally wouldn’t get to do, and I also deliver sweet treats throughout the year (#diabeetus) sorry…but I do.

Bottom line–I appreciate your business, your trust in me and I want to reward you for helping me with my business–and I am happy to help you with yours.

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(recognize the one above? It is in a front yard of a precious Austin home off Burnet Rd)




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ONE MONTH DOWN! Had a lot of great email and text intros last month, we then entered in each person for each referral sent and Carrie Rollman was our winner (she sent us a co-worker and friend who happen to be purchasing soon–one in June and one later this year). Thanks Carrie! Bring on May!

April referral contest pic

May winner has been announced–my client Wes Zurovech, who referred me his second co-worker. Thanks Wes!

june winner

June Winner:

I had a four referrals in June. And funny enough, the winner is from my home town (we went to High school together). Ya never know where a referral will come from (and with the power of social media, she knew I sold in Austin–and boom won herself a little gift card to one of her favorite places!)

june winner

PS if you don’t have anyone to introduce and you want to sit down with me and ask a bunch of Qs–that too I will consider a referral (a referral of yourself!) Happy to chat. Cheers!

July Winner:

Past client of mine, Danielle, who happened to send me a text intro to some friends of her that were either going to buy or lease but needed to get the ball rolling . While it didn’t work out for a move in Austin (they are moving to Lubbock) the good news is due to our referral network, I can still set them up with an agent of any area to make sure they are taken care of. Thanks for thinking of me Danielle, hope you enjoy your gift (one to her fav place to shop and one to a fancy dinner for date night!) And of course–thanks to everyone who made an intro last month to someone I can help! xoxo

july referral contest winner

August Referral Winner:

Marty opted for a delicious meal at Dai Due and I was happy to accommodate to that fantastic choice! Thanks for referring me your co-workers Marty!

September Referral Winner:

Sierra loves her Nordy Rack (who doesn’t like to find good deals?!) So a shopping spree was awarded to her! She referred me her co-workers, who actually close next week on their very first home!


October Referral Winner:

Chris “referred” me a mutual friend…basically he pushed him to have a chat with me and get the ball rollin’ on the home buying front. How nice it was of him to forego his “prize” this month and donate to charity! #payitforward

While the year certainly hits a slower time with holidays approaching, it doesn’t mean you can’t start goal setting or encouraging friends to chat with me about home buying next year! Send me a text or email intro and I will take good care of them! xo

November Referral Winner:

As we near the end of the year and slower buying season + holidays–we don’t get as many referrals, but still appreciated nonetheless! 

I had a referral in December, but again due to holidays I moved it over to January and started off 2018 right, with our Realty Austin award ceremony and wrap up in sales of $14M from 2017, and of course you know what that means–bigger goals for 2018!! And of course, the referral contest continues.

I was also honored to receive the company’s HeartBeat award–meaning, I work hard, play hard and give back (the company’s mantra). This award reminds me of my most spirited award in high school (some things never change).

January 2018:

February 2018:

The year always kicks off with lots of introductions of people goal setting for 2018 and prepping for Spring buying. Always happy to assist! Raquel got her new bluetooth Apple headphones she wanted in February (and a fiance too!)


March: So thankful for my March referrers. Someone who was referred to me back in November turned around and introduced me to some of her first time buying friends–congrats Sarah, I look forward to helping you (and your friends!)