Month: January 2016

Filing Your Homestead Exemption: Austin, Tx and surrounding areas

Did you buy a home last year? Do you want a tax break? Good,¬†here is what you need to do to get that tax break… First-write down on your “to do” list: File Homestead Exemption Secondly, actually take about 10 minutes to do it. Isn’t it funny how the most mundane tasks get put off… Continue Reading

Austin’s Economic forecast for 2016

Last week there were two economic forecasting events, one from Ted Jones¬†and one from HBA (Home Builder Assoc. of Greater Austin) Here’s a few key points for 2016’s projected forecast–And in sum: Austin is looking just as strong as 2015, with the threat of interest rates going up, even with the decline in oil prices…. Continue Reading

Adventures of Air BnBing

As some of you know, if you follow me on Insta and the like…I bought a home this year. I had no intentions of getting a roommate really (I have lived alone for so long, there sure are a lot of perks to living solo!) But then a friend of mine was relocating down here,… Continue Reading