Month: January 2012

South Austin:78704 Condo Projects to Check Out

I am super happy to report that my 2012 is off to a fantastic start. I feel like I am not the only one busy either, every time I turn around a condo project has another unit under contract, a beautiful central Austin bungalow goes under contract after only one day on the market or… Continue Reading


Well, facebook has officially taken over the World…and our time. Crazy. While I usually try to blog about the Austin Real Estate market, home prices, new projects, properties I have viewed recently and all that jazz. I decided to write one of my pure observations of Facebook World. A good amount of my “free” time,… Continue Reading

How to buy your first home: A Breakdown of the Process of becoming a Home Owner

Even though these steps are already listed on another tab on my website, I thought it couldn’t hurt to also blog about the steps since I seem to be working with so many buyers right now, which is great because it is only January, interest rates are still low and Austin is still doing great!… Continue Reading

Looking forward to 2012: Goals, Speculations and non-Resolutions

With the holidays ending in hopefully merriment, cheer, full bellies and celebrations; the end of the year  also brings the thoughts of what is in store for 2012. I know, personally, I am constantly looking forward to “the next thing in life.” I do try to appreciate everything I have now, and enjoy “the now,”… Continue Reading